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Eating While Driving (or Parked) ...


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Eating While Driving (or Parked) ...

PaulF | May 15, 2006 04:18 PM

We shouldn't eat while we drive.

We also shouldn't talk on the phone, or change the radio station, put on make-up and so on.

But we do.

So, what are your favorite foods to eat while driving?

Keep in mind the following:

Food quality

I actually don't eat and drive all that much. Not so much because I'm Mr. Safety, more because I'm Mr. Sloppy. I don't want my truck messy, don't want my clothes full of ketchup or sauce.

But I do eat in the car sometimes.

My favorite thing to eat in my car is a shrimp burrito from La Playita (no rice -- though that has more to do with my preference than the driving).

Burritos are good driving food, due to the tubular shape. They fit in one hand easily. The La Playita burrito is also sort of dense, with very little sauce. La Playita is in Venice, California on Lincoln.

A taco bell burrito, conversely, is covered with whatever that red sauce is. They also wrap in wax paper. All too often you get "rear burrito drip," which stains shirt, pants and steering wheel.

The La Playita burrito is wrapped in foil, which helps reduce burrito drip.

In and Out Burgers work well, too. Though I specify no lettuce because lettuce often causes "bun slide" which makes the whole thing too messy. I'm not big on fries, but fries are good driving food. Be careful, however, when fishing for those last few fries in the bottom of the bag. It's easy to get grease on hand which is then transferred to the steering wheel. Always ask for extra napkins.

Tito' Tacos (Culver City) can also be eaten in the car. I get no cheese, as the cheese increases the sloppy factor.

Pizza, soup and barbecued ribs are impossible for me to eat while driving.

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