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eating out on a cruise and other traif places

gsquaredb | Sep 30, 200909:05 AM

We are planning on taking a cruise and are trying to figure out different eating options. I was hoping that I could get some ideas from this group. When we went before we had then double wrap salmon. We had baked potatoes that are cooked in a special potato only oven. We had rice from a rice cooker. We were tempted by the french fries since that too was the only thing cooked and the oil was kosher. A friend told me that they had eggs cooked in tin foil but that were not any good. Steamed vegetables would be nice but are likely problematic. Lettuce, tomato salads would work too. Bagels, lox , cottage cheese, cream cheese and tuna are all kosher.

I am interested in getting recipe/eating ideas - things like baked scrambled eggs, pasta etc.


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