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Eating At The Bar

Dennis | Jul 12, 2002 07:23 AM

I am a frequent solo diner who has recently discovered a new way of dining out. Eating at the bar.

Once upon a time, I would not have even considered doing this. If I walked in a fine restaurant and was told there would be an hour wait--unless I wanted a seat at the bar right away--I would have simply waited an hour.

One evening, I thought I would go ahead and give it a try. I was tired and didn't feel like waiting an hour.

Ever since then, eating at the bar has become a regular thing with me. In fact, when it comes to solo dining, I now feel that this is the way to go. Even when it's not crowded, I now go straight to the bar.

One advantage is that I get to know the bartender and give him a little bit of guidance, if needed, as to how to make my drinks. I like a couple of good stiff Double Tangueray & Tonics with my meal. I like them in a short glass and with "easy ice."

So, if I catch a bartender using a tall glass and filling it full of ice, I can nip it in the bud. I can't do this very well if I am isolated in some table somewhere, far away from the bar.

Service is so much faster at the bar. If I need something, I just tell my bartender, who is always right there in front of me. I don't have to wait five or ten minutes for my waitress to come and check on me.

Also, eating at the bar is more conducive for good conversation with anybody who is sitting beside or near me, if I am in the mood.

Also, I love those little bar snacks while I am waiting for my entree.


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