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What did you eat in the Seventies?

greedygirl | Jun 10, 2008 02:42 PM

I just watched a light-hearted programme on the BBC about food in the seventies and it brought back memories!

For me, the seventies was the decade of Findus crispy pancakes (processed pies filled with ham and cheese, or minced beef - my brother and I thought they were a tremendous treat), crinkle-cut chips, prawn cocktail and black forest gateau. My mother also used to make a sausage casserole with tinned baked beans and some kind of packet sauce mix. Ditto chilli con carne and chicken chasseur - all made with some kind of powdered sauce (goodness knows what was in it). In the UK in the Seventies, burgers were exotic, as was pizza. Eating out was a rarity, and we thought Pizza Hut was the height of sophistication. Bizzare though it seems now, you couldn't buy olive oil in Britain then, only at the chemist, because people used to put it in their ears!

On the programme they drank an awful lot too, but I don't remember my parents drinking much at all, probably because they couldn't afford it. The party canapés they showed struck a chord though - vol au vents and Ritz crackers with various toppings!

What was interesting was that people ate a lot more calorific food - think everything fried, a lot of processed stuff, stodgy puddings, yet they were slimmer because they did a lot more exercise.

Anyway, what did you eat in the Seventies? I'm interested in whether it was any different in the States.

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