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Is who you eat with as important as where you eat


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Is who you eat with as important as where you eat

Janet from Richmond | Aug 5, 2008 06:32 AM

Had an interesting weekend dining with was a disaster and the other fabulous and the main reason was the people involved.

Friday night we go a local tapas place with two other couples. After the usual chuckle of tapas vs. topless with the men, Dh and I explain how tapas dining work...small plates meant to be shared...yada, yada, since neither of the two couples had even heard to tapas much less experienced them. It was a disaster...from ordering, to the lack of sharing, to them navigating the logistics, etc. The restaurant did their part with food and service but who we were with definitely took away from the evening.

OTOH, Sunday night we went to a different restaurant with 5 other people. This is a local Italian place which serves family style for groups of 5 or more. The food and wine were abundant, everyone was in the spirit and trying things that may or may not have had before, and the entire evening was festive. The food and service were great but what pushed the evening over the top were the attitudes and festive nature of the people involved.

It was a good reminder to me that WHO you dine with is as important as WHERE you dine. What say you?

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