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Eat the fuzzy garlic?[Moved from Home Cooking]


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Eat the fuzzy garlic?[Moved from Home Cooking]

KenWritez | Sep 24, 2007 12:48 AM

At my local Costco, the large jar of whole peeled garlic cloves is almost the same price as the much smaller jar at my local supermarket, so I buy the former. I love garlic, use it often, so I end up using more than the small jar but not enough to use all the large jar's garlic before the cloves develop fuzzy white spots (mold).

If the spots aren't too numerous on a clove, I just trim them away. I haven't noticed any taste difference between clean (non-fuzzed) and the trimmed garlic (I toss any cloves with green in the middle.)

Is fuzzy garlic safe to eat (a la bleu cheese)? If I trim off the fuzz, does that make the garlic safely edible? Or am I better off just heaving the jar and getting new, fresher garlic?

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