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Do you eat, and enjoy, your steak rare?


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Do you eat, and enjoy, your steak rare?

ipsedixit | Jan 18, 2011 08:58 AM

If so, may I ask what the appeal is?

When I say rare, I mean internal temp of 120F and the meat is still bright red and near raw.

I'm not talking tartare where it's either finely minced (or chopped), or sliced paper-thin.

No, I'm talking a full piece of steak (whatever cut it might be).

Every time I've tried steak cooked rare, and properly so, it's been chewy and the intramuscular fat and marbling is still, well, kind of icky and fat -- sort of oily on the palate and tongue.

Personally, I prefer my steaks to be somewhere between medium-rare and medium, an internal temp somewhere between 130 and 135F.

But, I digress ... for those rare steak lovers, can you kindly explain the appeal of rare steak? Am I missing something?

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