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Do you eat dinner for breakfast?

icecreamgal | Dec 29, 201004:05 PM

So I realized recently that if I eat dinner for breakfast -- i.e. a piece of salmon, greens, quinoa is typical -- I'm much less hungry all morning than if I eat typical breakfast foods such as cereal, pancakes, etc.

It's the protein-fat-complex carb combo that makes me feel satisfied.

This got me researching what breakfasts are in other cultures -- In Japan, breakfast is Miso soup, in Indonesia, curries are typical, beans and eggs are common in some Latin American countries, open-faced sandwiches with cheese and meat are eaten in Scandinavian countries ... in other words, other cultures eat a lot of savory, protein-rich foods for breakfast.

I'm wondering:

What do you eat? Is there a specific reason?

If you live/lived/traveled to other countries, what were typical breakfast foods? Is there a theory behind eating curries for breakfast, for example? Does the spice wake you up for the day?

I guess I'm looking for both cultural and nutritional context ... so tell me what you know!


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