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Not About Food 159

"Just eat it, you'll like it"

fldhkybnva | Apr 16, 201411:04 AM

A current thread on keeping your thoughts about others' food to yourself brought up some latent frustration from experiences of people pushing food on me. The back story is that I eat a fairly low carb diet which is well known by nearly anyone who interacts with me daily. The best example I can give is chocolate or any other food which people particularly coworkers know that I don't enjoy or eat on a regular basis (e.g. pasta, bread, etc). At least three times a week, I have to deal with people pushing food at me and insisting I eat it. I am never really clear on the motivation. It's one thing to encourage others to open their minds but they have heard my explanation and know full well that I don't enjoy particular foods and have no interest in eating them. To me it feels like someone pushing bacon on someone who is Jewish and keeps Kosher or someone who absolutely hates fish. Have you ever had food repeatedly "pushed on you?" What do you think of this?

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