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Where to eat when you're, well...

JoyM | Oct 1, 2007 03:01 PM

...ok, I'll say it. FAT. This is a problem which I'm sure other Chowhounds share, since after all, we do love our food. So, I'm on a diet and my biggest difficulty is lunch. I work near City Hall, and there's just not a lot of options around here. I'm looking for relatively low fat foods, not a lot of carbohydrates, mostly lean meat, veggies, & fruit. Since decent salads and fresh fruit are in short supply in this 'hood, what would you suggest? Here's a few things I've found, but I desperately need more suggestions:

* Weds. Civic Center Farmer's market has all the fresh fruit I could want, and all the fresh veggies I can steam in the microwave, I wish every day was Wednesday, although it's hard to resist Roli Roti.
* Pho Ga is fairly low-fat, although the rice noodles add a fair # of calories. Turtle Tower is my choice.
* I had the tea leaf salad at Larkin Express today, which was great but probably not the best choice I could have made, since it's full of little fried goodies. But I explained my dilemna to the nice man there, and he suggested the Fish Noodle Soup, which I might get tomorrow. Any other Burmese dishes relatively low cal?
*Salad from Max's. Overpriced, like everything else there, but still, it's a salad.
*Salad bar at Opera Plaza Deli. Very mediocre salad bar, but edible.
*The (mediocre) Chinese steam table/dim sum place on Larkin off Golden Gate has small fruit salads for $1
*The Vietnamese food around here is great, but there's a limit to how many summer rolls I can eat. Other suggestions?

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