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Are you easy or hard to please when eating out?


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Are you easy or hard to please when eating out?

c oliver | Jul 11, 2009 10:04 AM

I find that generally my husband and I are pretty easy to please when we're dining out. May not be the best meal we ever had but we can usually find a positive aspect to it and when we do, we'll walk away with that impression of the restaurant and not the negative one. (Truly bad service is a dealbreaker however.) A month of dining in Manhattan, Cape Cod and CT have confirmed that. I don't require anything close to perfection to have a lovely meal. I know, however, that there are plenty of people who are the opposite - my MIL is one, for sure. It seems no matter what they order, there's just something or everything wrong with it. I think it's more to do with basic personality types than the food itself. Glass half-empty versus half-full. I read some extremely knowledgeable people here on CH with very refined palates who like most of what they eat. And others who will find fault. Honestly? I kinda like *my* attitude better :) Any thoughts?
PS: This goes WAY out the window when it comes to food *I* cook! I'm hypercritical then.

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