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Dropped food. You pay again? [Moved from General Topics]


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Dropped food. You pay again? [Moved from General Topics]

mommystar | Jun 27, 2011 05:07 PM

30 minutes before closing, I went in to pick up the food I'd ordered (and already paid for) for a party. The first question from them was "Did you bring any boxes to put the food in?" What? The food was in those foil pans w/foil on top and 2 trays w/lids. (The other place I'd picked up the rest of the food from had the pans in boxes so things wouldn't slide in the car.) No, I didn't. They called a guy from the back to help me out with the containers because it was going to be more than one trip. He took some pans, I took some pans. We came back in and he got the rest of the pans and I got the trays. You know what happened! The top tray went flying and the salmon landed smack on the floor. They swept it up and the first guy asked if I'd like another salmon. Yes, please, but how long will it take? Well, we close in 15 minutes and it takes 30. Ok. Do you have anything ready that's comparable in cost? Yes. Boiled shrimp. Great, I'll take that. Only I'm charged an extra $60 for it because I dropped the tray. What do you do? I needed the food. Granted they would be out $60 worth of shrimp, but you're closing in 15 minutes and there was nobody else in the place on a Saturday. I'm a really good customer. Isn't that worth something? Am I totally wrong for being unhappy about this? Should you not carry anything you've paid for because if something happens before you're out the door, it's on you? How would you handle this situation?

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