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Drinking While Food Is In Your Mouth??

kubasd23 | Nov 24, 201106:11 PM

Ok, I'd never come across this before, but I recently noticed that both of my ex's parents will take a bite of food (toast, sandwich, potato, meat, etc) and while it's still in their mouth will take a swallow of whatever they're drinking, whether it's coffee, hot chocolate, water, or soda. To me this sounds like the grossest thing in the world!! I first noticed it when his father took a bite of a tuna salad sandwich, and immediately afterwords took a gulp of coffee. I made a (semi) joking comment about it, and he told me that it's a very common practice. The idea of liquid and regular food in your mouth at the same time makes me nauseated and causes my gag reflex to kick in!!! Is it just me being weird, or is this completely normal?

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