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Can't drink beer anymore?

Budget Palate | Feb 27, 200808:40 AM

So I loved beer all throughout my 20's and would drink everything from lite beer in cans to every kind of craft beer. I could pound the cases with the frat boys or sip snob beer in the gastro-pubs.

31 years of age now, and in the past year or so I find that I don't like beer anymore. Everything tastes stale or has off-flavors or too much hops or is too filling.

I used to love every kind of beer, from hopped-out to malty, light to dark. Now there's only a couple of pilsners, when very fresh, that I like.

Also beer seems like it's getting more expensive.

Beer brought me happiness and brought me together with some great people. I want to like it again, but so much of it tastes "off" now. Say it ain't so...

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