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Dried Fruit is just as bad (calorie-wise) as Candy?


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Dried Fruit is just as bad (calorie-wise) as Candy?

SmallSteps3000 | Mar 8, 2013 04:19 PM

Is it true that Dried Fruit-- such as raisins in your trail mix-- is really no better (calorie-wise) than candy?

Just looking online, raisins for a quarter-cup are 100 calories already?!

Imagine that plus a fistful of nuts of whatever liking, and what is supposed to be considered a healthy trailmix is now equal to that of a snickers bar!

This is disheartening because when trying to cut out the sweets, people usually tell you to rely on dry fruit instead-- only to find out that this stuff is just as bad, and that will have to be cut too. Sigh.

Good-tasting fresh fruit is just so finnickey to find at the big Supermarket chains like Publix. What to do?

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