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Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi/Joong

Melanie Wong | Jun 27, 2012 09:56 PM

Oops, looks like I missed the proverbial boat but better late posting than never.
( re: General Topics: What are you having for the Tzung Tzi festival tomorrow? )

Your zongzi picks this year?

We stopped at Happy Bakery (same owners as Clement’s Wing Lee) on Irving to pick up some on Thursday. These are my mother’s current favorites. Then I crossed the street to T C Pastry, where this mountain of zongzi was displayed on an extra table.

The giant ones on the right side of the photo were special for the season, different than I’ve seen here typically. I asked what was in it, and the counter lady just said, “Everything”. Priced at about $3.75, I bought one to try. Tied with stronger twine and wrapped in both bamboo leaves and a lotus leaf, this baby was hefty, perhaps 2x or even 3x the usual size. Instead of microwaving or steaming, I boiled it to reheat. The sticky rice had a tawny tone and was jam packed with lotus seeds, whole black mushroom, salted side pork, char siu, lop cheong, dried shrimp, whole salted duck egg yolk, beans, chestnuts, and probably more that I’ve forgotten. Definitely a gut-buster and more than two of us could polish off for lunch.

Past topics on Zongzi, Joong, Bak Chang, Zhong – history, ingredients, reheating, etc.

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