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Soft-Shell Crab

A dozen soft shell crabs for $4.50--NOW WHAT?


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A dozen soft shell crabs for $4.50--NOW WHAT?

Lindsay B. | Oct 4, 2003 03:11 PM

Dear Chowhounds,

I love a bargain, and I love crab. So, when the nice fishmonger offered me 12 convulsingly fresh soft shell crabs for under five bucks, I couldn't refuse.

The little guys are resting comfortably on a bed of ice in my fridge. Now what? I grew up on Dungeness crab. I've only had soft shells once, and I've never cooked them.

Does anyone have any favorite recipes, or tips for cleaning and preparation? I'm thinking about deep frying them and serving them with a sweet chili sauce. But I'd love to hear and recommendations you guys have, whatever style.


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