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The "Donut Egg Salad Sandwich" ... the doppelgänger to the Donut Burger


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The "Donut Egg Salad Sandwich" ... the doppelgänger to the Donut Burger

ipsedixit | Feb 10, 2011 05:38 PM

Having made the Donut Burger (see here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7651...) I decided to embark on another culinary experiment.

Seeing that I had a fridge full of leftover deviled eggs from our Super Bowl get together, I decided to make an impromptu egg salad out of them.

Chopped up the deviled eggs, added a bit of Greek yogurt, dijon mustard and some chives and a good bit of lemon zest and juice. Then stuck it in the fridge for it to chill.

Now on to the donut. I took a glazed cake donut (it was actually a day-old one but who's counting), sliced it in half, put both halves in my panini press, just like I did with my Donut Burger. Then spooned a good heaping spoonful of egg salad on the grilled-pressed donut, and squirted a bit of Sriracha sauce and then topped it all off with the other half of the grilled-pressed donut.

And, voila, hence was the born the Donut Egg Salad Sandwich.

Amazing. Just amazing. Sweet, creamy, unctuous but not overpoweringly so, and crunchy with a nice bit of egg creamy "spicy kick".

How best to compare the experience? Sort of like eating a jelly donut filled with egg salad instead of jelly that's been run through the salamander a few times to give it a nice crispy crust.

So if you ever find yourself (1) with egg salad (2) some donuts (3) a panini press and (4) a healthy and intrepid appetite, I wholeheartedly dare you to try this for yourself.


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