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My new dishwasher smells like a wet swampy bird merged with an aquarium...gross!

Beach Chick | Jun 8, 201202:09 PM

My beloved high end Kitchen Aid that was the mothership of all dishwashers that busted it's ass for me 5-6 times a week, for 7 years when we built the house, finally went to dishwasher heaven..

Bought a cheaper $700 version floor model since trying to find a mid-range dishwasher in stock is almost impossible...at least in San Diego...there is super cheap or super high end..no middle.

Anyway, I've put vinegar in the rinse cycle because you can really smell the wet swampy bird/aquarium...nothing like trying to drink wine, ice tea and you get the waifs of skunk ape hanging in the Everglades all summer and it's so horrid and it won't go away..

Do any of you have any ideas how to get rid of the smell..
I will forever be thankful.

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