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Dish poaching

Withnail42 | Dec 22, 201404:54 PM     29

Have a SIL who lets just say is, on her good days, a lazy willfully ignorant schemer. (Ive posted about this charming woman before before.)

For years she could not be bothered to cook or even buy anything for family gatherings. However she has seen the attention and appreciation that people recive when they arrive with food at events and wants it for herself. So she has come up with a way to cash in.

She started calling up people (people who she knows won't make too much of a fuss. Or people she doesn't care about pissing off) to find out what they would be bringing. Once she finds a dish she wants to make (by 'make' I mean either thaw or microwave to pass off.) she shows up and the event with the dish someone else had specifically told her they would going to be bringing. She makes sure to get there early, something she never does otherwise, to ensure that her dish is the first of it's kind to arrive and giving her time to imply the person bringing the same dish is copying her. She has even gone so far to place it in a very conspicuous place and stand next it. She'll even go around the room serving people,weather they want it or not, to get extra praise and attention and to detract form the dish she plagiarized. As per usual she thinks she is getting away with it because she believes is smarter than everyone else. (This from a woman who believes the Kardashians is an educational documentary experience.) The fact is people see exactly what she does. And as annoyed as some are beginning to get people have opted to simply let it slide

Has anyone else experienced this or has my SIL actually one up with a unique nefarious scheme? And how best to handle it.

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