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Need one dish idea for a wine-tasting - i'm an amateur!

zoinks | Nov 14, 200505:12 PM

Okay, I love food & drink as much as you all, but I'm really a chump in the kitchen. I'm trying hard to learn more & more, and I've slowly picked up some skills and concepts, but still overall a chump.

My dilemma is that a few friends are coming over to MY PLACE (yeesh) for a sampling of a bunch of wines that have been waiting for us in the cellar. There are many different bottles coming, white & red, so there's no need for a specific wine-food match at this time--we can match the wine according to the food (not vice versa) later.

There will be a variety of cheeses, olives, veggies, etc. A couple of other appetizer/small-plates, but somehow I got stuck with the "main". Now it's not really a big entree, since we'll be grazing on plenty of other things, but I think the general consensus is some kind of meat (to go with a red), that will be served warm (since most of everything else will be cold/room temp).

The other issue is that I'll be getting home from work with little time for extensive prep-work. If it can be prepared a day in advance, even better. I was thinking some braised lamb shanks, but I've never done it before, although I have made similar beef stews with varying success. Actually, braised lamb shanks even seems a bit daunting.

Any ideas for something easy? It would be nice if it was something to throw in the oven, or maybe a one-pot dish I could prepare on the stove with relatively little work. Maybe a risotto of some kind? I've done that before.

Hell, I'm even open to any prepared/frozen/take-out things you think I could get away with.

I hope someone out there can help!

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