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Disgusting Steamed Foie Gras - Was I Wrong?


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Disgusting Steamed Foie Gras - Was I Wrong?

torta basilica | Jan 27, 2006 12:45 PM

Before I post a review of a very highly rated Oahu restaurant, I have a question for you all:

Scenario - I ordered 'Foie Gras 3 Ways' - there was no description of what these 3 ways would be, but it's really hard for me to find a foie gras I don't like & order it all over the world wherever I go if it's on the menu. The plate comes out with one small slice seared w/ a bit of sauce, 1 small piece more baked with fruit & 1 much larger piece steamed in a cabbage leaf (I believe).

FYI, when I say 'livery,' I mean cow's liver tasting vs. Duck's FG liver tasting...

The seared tasted a bit off & was very stringy - had to pick it apart to eat it.

The baked was more grainy & to me a very unpleasant texture, with that same 'livery' taste. It's baked fruits completed the seared piece very well, however.

Now the steamed - it was odd tasting, but... not like foie gras or any meat-type or liver-type food - I bit into a mouthful of what I can best describe as fat -a cross in mouth feel between that fat that comes off of corned beef & the jelly that comes off of canned ham, but with a livery flavor. It was like eating a mouthful of liquid blubber & truly disgusting.

I quietly pulled the waiter over & explained that I thought the FG was a bit off, the seared was very stringy & the steamed all fat. He proceeded to tell me many people do not know (ie. are not sophisticated enough) what steamed foie gras is & are surprised at it's texture. I tried to explain I had had it before, but this was very very different & the liver tasted off in all 3 pieces. They were pretty gracious about it (after my little 'lecture') & took it off the bill & the Manager came over & apologized.

My questions: 1.) Is this what steamed foie gras is really like? I realize it's fatty liver, but all fat? This was new to me. If everything else was fine, would I still have had reason to complain?

2.) Was I off in my criticism of all the dishes? Shouldn't seared not be stringy & slightly off tasting & baked (got to admit, I don't think I've ever had it baked) not grainy & 'livery?'

I spoke with the very French concierge at our hotel, a friend of mine, & she said this restaurant's is the best FG dish she's had in years, but my description didn't sound like what she has been served in the past. Sorry to go on & on, but before I post a review, want to make sure I'm not missing something...

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