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disgusting, I know, but.....I need a jello "salad" recipe....


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disgusting, I know, but.....I need a jello "salad" recipe....

soccermom13 | Feb 17, 2011 03:17 AM

I need to bring a salad to an event for DH's family. I despise making salads, and I begged to bring something else, but to no avail. And the salads I like they don't like (two examples--a lovely salad of red leaf lettuce, craisins, sunflowers seeds, and a lovely blue cheese with raspberry vinaigrette went uneaten..... And last night I made Alice Waters cilantro cole slaw (fabulous!) but DH said it would not go over well with his family).

So here's what they will eat: jello "salad." I put salad in quotes bc they like the sweet ones.... So if anyone can suggest a jello salad for DH's family (believe me, I won't be eating this @#$#$%), I'd be grateful.

Please, no recipes for green jello with chopped veggies in it and a layer of Miracle Whip on top. That will trigger my gag reflex.


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