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Hi. I'm hoping for some help with a family (me, husband, 15 year old son) trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month. I've read all the relevant Chowhound posts I can find and looked through 2 lists from Eater (38 essential restaurants from 2016 and 13 new restaurants from 2017) and I'm still stymied. We are in Amsterdam for 9 nights, so I'm not saying we refuse to step foot in a French or Italian restaurant, but we can get good examples of that in New York, so we'd much rather try things we can't get at home.

We're looking for mostly casual restaurants. In London we tend towards gastropubs and in Paris towards bistros, rather than, say Michelin starred places. The 15 year old is pretty adventurous, but there are limits to how fancy and esoteric he's interested in. And, for various reasons, we generally prefer a la carte to prix fixe or tasting menus. (Graham's Kitchen, Vinkeles and La Rive would be too fancy and esoteric, although I'm sure they're delicious.) If it helps, special occasion restaurants for the whole family in NYC (we live in the suburbs) lean towards Union Square Cafe and North End Grill.

Here's what I've got so far for dinner that looks good. Please let me know what you think of these and please offer any suggestions for other places we should consider. (Pretty much any place listed in the Chowhound posts or the Eater lists that isn't here has been rejected for a specific reason. I'm happy to explain my reasoning, if it helps.)

Seafood Bar
Oriental City or Nam Kee
Ron Gastrobar
Restaurant Blauw (once for rijstaffel and once for the a la carte menu?)
Max (seems to get a fair amount of love here and other places for their rijstaffel, but my husband is concerned that it's relatively few dishes compared to other restaurants, based on photos he's seeing.)
Restaurant Stork

That's only 6 restaurants, so we clearly need more ideas. Usually in Europe we stay in an apartment and get take away for a night or two, but we'll be in a hotel this time.

Also, a related question, do the Dutch not really eat dinner out? I keep finding restaurants that are open roughly 10 AM - 6 PM. It's the sort of schedule I expect from restaurants in a neighborhood of mostly offices, where no one lives and I'm surprised at the number of places that don't stay open for dinner. For those, Valerius Eten & Drinken, Singel 404 and Annie & Max all look good, at least based on their menus and Yelp reviews (I have to get info somewhere.), but they're no help for dinner.

tl;dr - ISO good casual restuarants, particularly with food we can't get in the NYC area.

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