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Dinner party for multi-allergy guest

meimei | Feb 1, 201211:49 AM

I have a dillemma on my hand. I'm suppose to be hosting a dinner party for a group of friends. All adventurous, well travelled, open minded "foodies." One miner issue, one of them has food allergy to many usual and unusal things. List of no-nos includes: all grains (rice, oats, barley, etc), all dairy (including butter), all nuts, fruits w/ big ston cores (such as plums or dates), garlic, mushrooms, onions, all poultry, most of the oils (only safe one is vegetable and canola), all soy products, and probably a few others that I don't know yet. I have decided on fish for my entry (and gotten the safe fish list from the person), and a non-dairty home made sorbet for dessert. But I'm drawing a blank on what to serve as my side and appeziter. I am an pretty experienced home-cook and baker, have a pretty well stocked kitchen, and is in a major metropolitan area where I can source most items w/o too much issues. Can anyone suggest something other than mix salad? Thanks in advnace!

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