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Dinner for a (Very) Large Family


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Dinner for a (Very) Large Family

Deenso | Sep 16, 2003 12:22 PM

We're having a buffet birthday dinner for 30 family members at my weekend house next month. I’ll be preparing the main dish (or 2), as well as a couple of desserts, and some of the guests will be bringing salads, side dishes, etc. I have three weekends to pull this together and what I’d really like to do is use these coming weekends to prepare something that I can freeze and just finish on the day of the party. Or come up with something that isn’t prepared ahead but that will take minimal effort on the party day.

My family are hearty and appreciative eaters, but not terribly adventurous. In the past, I’ve met with success when serving them roasted meat dishes like beef tenderloin, rib roast, and pork shoulder, as well as casserole dishes, like arroz con pollo and chili con carne. The point is that I’m trying to please a large number of people of varying ages (from 3 to 70), but I’m also looking for relative ease of preparation. And, oh yes, it's a celebration, so...

I have a very old cookbook at home called “Cooking for a Crowd” which I’ll peruse when I get home. But I would really appreciate any advice/recipes you all might have to offer.


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