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My New Dining Pet Peeve--I want Separate Checks


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My New Dining Pet Peeve--I want Separate Checks

mwk | Jul 21, 2008 10:09 AM

Hi all,

So I just came back from a few days in Montreal. Of course, the food was fantastic and I enjoyed each meal we had.

Something else I enjoyed, was the fact that EVERY restaurant, from the fanciest establishment, to the simplest, offered us separate checks for every meal. We could get the check split in any permutation/combination we desired. This made a moot point of the hated after meal ritual of splitting up the check.

Every time I've asked for separate checks in the US (especially in Boston, my hometown), the waiter looks at me like I've just asked him to calculate PI out to 2500 decimal places. I get all sorts of excuses about why it can't be done. I used to believe the excuses, but now I'm wondering if it's so easy in Montreal, it can't be that difficult.

I know that I for one, would probably eat out a bit more often if I didn't have to worry about paying for the two bottles of wine that I didn't drink, or if I didn't have to sit there with a calculator and yell out "Who had the Steak?"

Any ideas why this wonderful custom can't make it south of the border?

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