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Dining "In" or dining "Out": where do you spend?


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Dining "In" or dining "Out": where do you spend?

cayjohan | Apr 23, 2007 10:25 PM

We eat simply, for the most part. When we want something on the high-end, we cook it ourselves. When we want to have something not-cooked-by-us, we usually opt for soups and sandwiches on the road. I have many friends who do the opposite: noodle casseroles for two weeks and then a very expensive steak dinner out, with high-concept desserts.

What do you CHs do?

If I want scallops for the three of us, I will buy 9 scallops and do a Provençal preparation with some salad. To get Coquilles St. Jacques a la Provençal for three in a restaurant would cost me waaaay more than my weekly food budget. If I want a submarine sandwich, I would have to buy all the bread, meat, cheese, veggies, etc., to make it at home, and truly spend more than I would for three 6-inchers from Subway for our impromptu picnic by the river. Yeah - maybe they’d be better ( or a LOT better) if I’d make them at home, but I’d be dealing with the sandwich makings for a couple of days, and everyone would get sick-to-death of subs. I know it costs less to eat in versus eating out, but it’s spring, and we’ve got to weigh our treats accordingly!

What do you do, Chowhounds? High-end *in* and low-end *out*, or the opposite. I’m curious. My budget doesn’t allow for high-end *out*, but I still like the occasional*out* meal, even if it’s sandwiches on a riverbank.

I’m curious as to where we spend our money - “in” or “out?”

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