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DodinBouffant | Mar 20, 2003 08:45 AM

I frequently go out for Dim Sum in the Boston area and usually pick items from the carts as they pass by.

Reading yesterday's NYT article about Dim Sum in Hong Kong has left me wondering if there is a source available providing a list of Dim Sum offerings. It would be great if the list included both the chinese characters and english "spoken" equivalents. I would like to be able to ask for some things that may not be present in some of the carts(granted they might not even be available). Bottom line is I would like to be a bit more Dim Sum savvy in the verbal sense.

Unfortunately I am not in a position to have a Chinese born assistant, and I suppose I could muddle through a bunch of the cookbooks I have to compile a list, but I know there are a bunch of Dim Sum pros that visit Chowhound and am hoping someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance!

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