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Dim Sum in Lima, Peru!

Dave M.P. | Sep 30, 2002 01:51 PM

I just got back from a week long trip to Peru which was amazing (now I am back in Santiago de Chile). We spent most of our time in Cuzco and hiking for 4 days on the Inca Trail, but we spent our first and last days in Lima. When we arrived in Lima the first day, I knew I wanted to go to chinatown for some dim sum (it had been 2 months without any chinese food). I have a friend from my college who´s godmother is the manager at Restaurant Wa Lok in Lima, so I decided I would go to Wa Lok and try to see if my friend`s godmother was there. My friend (who I eat dim sum with often in Boston) told me that Wa Lok was the best in Lima, perhaps biassed, but it still might be true...

I was travelling to Peru with 6 others, but only one other decided to come to Chinatown with me (we literally dropped our bags off at the hotel and 2 mins later were IN THE TAXI to Chinatown). When we got to Chinatown in Lima I was pretty much the happiest person ever. It reminded me of Chinatown in Boston or New York, but with clear Latin American influence. Lots of food on the streets (which I couldn`t eat due to health precautions of street food in Peru). We got to the restauarant Wa Lok (on Jr. Paruro) and had a GREAT meal. We did end up meeting my friend´s godmother, which gave us a connection, but the `meal would have been great even if we didn`t have the connection with the restaurant.

We had a huge wonton soup, steamed pork buns and the long rice noodles filled with beef. Then red bean filled donut for dessert. I was pretty much in heaven. The pork buns were the best, the rice noodles were not as good as I`ve had in Boston or Nueva York.

But the meal was great, SO great, that when we had another day in Lima a week later, I returned to Wa Lok with all my friends (7 of us total). We started out with a number of dim sum items, har gau were very good, siu mai were okay, pork buns were still the winners. But then we had a large platter of roast duck and another of roast pork. It was the best roast duck I have ever had. We also had chinese vegetables and some noodles which were good but nothing special.

After both trips to chinatown, which is right next to downtown Lima, we walked around town afterwards, had some fresh squeezed OJ from the street, some sugarcane, fresh pineapple. AHhhh, the beauty of the tropics.

That`s about it. Moral of the story: If you find yourself in Lima, go to Chinatown, it`s worth it.

Dave M.P.

P.S. Cuzco and Inca Trail were great too. Didn`t try the cuy, but lots of quinoa soup and plenty of garlic in the food. Garlic is often neglected in Chile, it was very nice eating in Peru

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