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difference between Greek and US yogurt?


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difference between Greek and US yogurt?

Ruth Lafler | Mar 19, 2003 12:10 PM

I recently discovered the Greek yogurt sold at Trader Joe's (and got the idea of mixing plain yogurt with honey -- yum!).

But my personal trainer wants me to eat more protein for breakfast (no, I'm not doing Atkins), so I started looking at the nutritional info of various yogurts.

What surprised me was that the protein content of the Greek yogurt was a lot higher than for American brands. For example, 7 oz. of lowfat Greek yogurt claims to have 16 grams of protein, while 8 oz. of Nancy's lowfat yogurt only has 11 grams.

Of course I've noticed the Greek yogurt is a lot thicker -- is it just less watery and more concentrated, or is there something else different about it?

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