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Dieting recipe help - I need to loose weight without starving him

lrealml | Sep 5, 201102:28 PM

So I need to lose weight.... My waist is slowly out growing my pants. My problem is that my SO is almost too skinny. Most diets/shows/healthy eating programs assume that the whole household could benefit from low calorie/fat recipes... not mine.
When I was single, I could loose weight no problem... I would make vats of low calorie spicy flavorful soups that would easily fill me up. I would keep my place empty of all other foods to resist temptation. However, now I am cooking for both of us (he doesn't cook), and if I make a soup like I used to then he eats it and feels weak or tired from the lack of calories. He has a super metabolism and needs lots of calories.
I could send him out for his own food, but then he winds up eating things I love in front of me like tacos or ramen, etc.., and it makes dieting really painful (and it also means we're spending more on food). I struggle with will power and temptation.

The only thing I've found that sort of works is if I make a soup like a gumbo or cioppino where he adds a lot of rice and bread (the normal accompaniments) and I can just eat the soup. Then I have only cooked one meal, I am not tempted by other food, and he is full from all the extra carbs. However, I need more ideas recipes for things like these where we can eat the same things, but he can add extra carbs. This is where I need your help! I can't think of very many, and we want variety.

Also, if anyone has any other approaches to my dilemma or has faced a similar dilemma, I'd love to hear about it!


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