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Diet Breakfast

Echotraveler | Feb 29, 200804:07 AM

Hello dudes,

Right now im on a nutrisionist diet (2500 calories a day), which makes me eat 6 times a day, i feel full, but not happy. full because i eat plenty and many times, but its not what i was used to, 3 big carb meals (example. cheesey chicken spaghety with white rice, lol, tastes great!).

Heres what i need on a breakfast

CARB - 2 faces of whole wheat bread ( i love healthy choices 7 grain) or 1 1/4 cup of high fiber cereal or 2 small pancakes...things like that

FRUIT - 3/4 cup of blueberries or 8 strawberrys or 15 green seedless grapes or a small apple, or 1 orange, 2 spoons of raisins....

Milk family - 8oz of fatless milk or 6oz fatless yogurt or 8oz "Light and fit" yogurt or 2oz of regular milk

MEAT/PROTEIN - 3 turkey ham slices (no fat), or 3 swiss cheese (the nasty fatless one, atificial! i hate that mother!) or 1 egg with 1 slice of ham and 1 nasty cheese slice, or 1 1/2 ham with 1 1/2 cheese

FAT- (cooking purposes) 2 spoons of olive oil, or 2 canola or light margarine.....

Liquid - coffee water cristal light.....no juice

Note: i cant do sugar at all.......

So you now know why i feel no hunger, but i dont really enjoy my food, its not like my old 3 to 4 egg ommelette with cremini mushroom honey ham lots of nice creamy cheese, bell peppers onion and Pancakes with little bleuberries insides and strawberrys drenched in maple with nicely done bacon (not too hard, not soft)!!!!

ive been changing my habbits to correct my wrong methods, before i get to my 30's (im 26 on march) because we all know metabolysm is somethig to respect......

i dont feel hungry just not happy with the food.....2 breakfast ago i did pancakes, and it was such a frustration because it seemed so thin and tasteless, plus the quantity was small in comparison to just eating everything separate.....

it seem i eat with my eyes first....

my girl told me she read people that eat too many carbs get addicted, their bodys ask for it like addicts

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