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My DH won't buy a Trader Joe's fresh turkey. Please discuss!

leetmom7 | Nov 15, 201106:37 AM

I know this subject has been beaten like the proverbial dead horse (turkey?) but I want chowhound yays/nays and input. specific to this issue.

DH feels that birds slaughtered WEEKS before the 'use by' dates are bacteria and quality time bombs.

Perusing past chowhound threads assures me that TJs birds are pre-brined (or kosher dry brined) and kept at cooler temps so both help safely conserve the bird. Besides, they wouldn't sell and the lawyers would be very happy if there were truly a problem. I have only seen ONE chow bad bird post.

He is OK with a frozen supermarket free bird....he spatchkocks it and smokes it. We're not having a huge group so size isn't an issue.

THANKS for all replies!

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