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"Not a Destination Place" ... ???


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"Not a Destination Place" ... ???

Wallace & Gromit | Jan 30, 2006 11:09 AM

Reading the boards I keep seeing good reviews for restaurants that are often followed by a disclaimer saying something to the affect that it is not really a "destination place."

What does this mean? (Not literally ;-) ) As Chowhounds by definition aren't we supposed to be willing to travel for good food? Not every place we eat at is going to be the type of place where you swear it is the best food you ever had. It's just not.

But if I read about a place that has (for example) an awesome fish sandwich for $8 (Boston Board - The Druid) that is pretty much going to entice me to want to go!! What is this about not being a destination place? I really don't understand.

Food IS my destination. Don't others feel this way?

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