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Describe the Qualities of a Great bowl of Pho to me

kare_raisu | Jan 8, 2008 08:53 PM

I had a combonation Pho [Pho dac biet?] tonight for dinner. It was pretty good on multiple levels though there was one thing that stood out as negative to me.

The broth was weak.

What I did like was:
- The noodles were not 'mush' or terribly in ball form.
- The variety meats were perfectly cooked and tender and I could savor each of the different textures - which is my favorite part. The rare cooked portion arrived rare and cooked as it sat in the broth.
- Plentiful herbs, jalapenos and Bean sprouts [though only two varieties of herb]

This leads me to the inquiry.

I really didnt get that beefy - hours-long bone boiling - taste caressed by the seductive scent of star anise. Is this what I should be looking for in a broth.

What herbs should I look for?

My third bowl thus far - and I am finally starting to understand the beauty of this dish. The levels of taste- fresh herbs, satisfying beef, hot broth, spicy shots of Jalapeno and siracha, sweet-salty-smokey hoisin, and al dente noodles.

Now I just need a Vietnamese music group similar to the Cambodian influenced Dengue Fever!

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