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Demeyere Purchase Advice

monicatotoro | Dec 6, 2017 05:16 AM

Hello! We moved into a new home and we saved up some funds for new cookware to replace old ones; Demeyere is still expensive though so I'd love some help narrowing the items down!

Which should we choose...? We have a gas burner.

• 8" skillet: 5 Plus or Proline
• 9.5" skillet: 5 Plus or Proline
• 11" Proline skillet or 2.5 qt (9.5") Atlantis saute pan
• 12.5" Proline skillet or 4.2 qt (11") Atlantis saute pan
• 3.5 qt pot: 5 Plus or Atlantis (sauces, rice)
• 5.5 qt pot: 5 Plus or Atlantis (soups, stews)
• 8.5 qt stock pot: 5 Plus or Atlantis (stocks)

• Also, I already have the All Clad TK copper core sauce pots in 1 and 2 qts. Should I replace them with the Demeyere Atlantis pots or the conical pots are better?

Finally, recommendations of pieces we should add to the list?

Thank you!

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