Demeyere/CIA Masters/Viking, etc.


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Demeyere/CIA Masters/Viking, etc.

TheCarrieWatson | Jan 5, 2013 04:48 PM

I've been lurking around here for ages and have read more about lined copper & clad cookware lately than I care to admit. I currently have a pretty standard set of All Clad which was a gift a few years ago, but planning on paring down a bit and getting some different stuff. I scored my first piece of tin-lined copper recently and am in love with it. I've never cooked in anything even remotely like it. I subsequently scored a 5-piece set of tin lined 3mm sauce pans, so I am set with copper for now, I think. What I want now is a great skillet, and I'm very interested in Demeyere. I picked up a used CIA Masters 6" (base measurement) pan and I really love the 'feel' but haven't used it much yet. I've read here that Viking is designed by Viking but manufactured by Demeyere so I'd assume the quality is there with those too.
I like using my AC skillet for high temp stuff when I don't want to mess around with my cast iron. Looking for something a little more agile than CI, for sure. Budget matters, or I would have already picked up a Proline pan and called it good. I'm kind of in the 'Industry' line range w/Demeyere. Any thoughts or advice about the differences among these? I've been reading so much about each that my brain is getting a little fried.

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