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Delivery sushi-- really?! [moved from Manhattan board]


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Delivery sushi-- really?! [moved from Manhattan board]

Mr Taster | Jan 15, 2014 01:11 PM

I live in LA, land of sushi. My sister lives in NYC, land of pizza.

I was horrified to recently find out that she regularly orders delivery sushi.

This to me sounds just as terrible as delivery toast, but delivery toast-- while dried out and gross-- at least doesn't lend itself to salmonella poisoning.

Is delivery sushi in NYC really as common a phenomenon as she lets on? The thought never, ever would have occurred to me. Sushi, by definition, ideally should be eaten seconds after the sushi chef has made it. Or does delivery sushi occupy the same part of the New Yorker eating-mind as supermarket sushi, that has been sitting on shelves for hours (which is also horrifying, but happens here in LA as well so I've adapted to this particular grossness.)

Please help me understand what this is all about. Pizza delivery-- yes, of course. Sushi delivery? I'm traumatized. To my sensibility, it sounds like the "deliver everything to my door" phenomenon of NYC gone mad.

Mr Taster

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