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In Defense of Bitterness


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In Defense of Bitterness

Jim Leff | Nov 28, 2004 10:46 PM

In a posting on the Home Cooking board, Carb Lover was complaining about the bitterness of radicchio.

I've been, lately, on a quest to withstand (and even appreciate) bitter foods more gracefully. I never liked tonic water or bitter melon, and had problems with radicchio or broccoli rabe that wasn't way tamed down. I even had a secret guilty pleasure preference for milk chocolate.

But lately I've been hanging in a lot of Bangladeshi and Pakistani places that make SUCH delicious bitter melon, I've been trying to get past my issues. And I've found that it's exactly and precisely like getting accustomed to chili pepper....just keep eating it. More and more, increasing your tolerance. It happens pretty quickly!

I was proud the other night...a friend made pasta with fresh-picked radicchio, and it was really bitter. no one could really eat it but me. I grooved on the bitterness; thrived on it.

Eat more bitter food! Get used to it! Up your resistence! Suck on an aspirin today!!


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