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Defending the French


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Defending the French

Robert | Sep 28, 2000 03:21 PM

The below is a response to some of the French bashing which got deleted as part of the thread that was under the nasty Pam-o-gram [on the Manhattan Board]

I hate to defend the French, but I have to admit it they do know alot about food. I'm Italian and never stepped foot in France, but have had the opportunity to work and dine with alot of French folks.

If you think food is important to us chowhounds, we are almost "cultureless" compared to the average Frenchmen with respect to how we approach eating. Everything they do is centered around food wine and cheese. Some American's make food important. To them it is a way of life. I asked a Frenchman recently when the last time he missed a day of not eating cheese or drinking wine. He could not remember. He can't help coming across as arrogant because food is second nature. Its annoying to them watching us pretend. Sure we take it serious, but food is just not part of our history (yet) the way it is for them. His 12 yr old can identify what part of France a particular goat cheese is from just by smelling it.
They will not fight our wars or develop the next micro-chip, because it's not what they care about. That is our gig. But don't mess with thier food.

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