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Deep-Fried Turkey


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Deep-Fried Turkey

Carb Lover | Oct 28, 2004 07:01 PM

As Nov. is just around the corner, my thoughts have drifted onto Thanksgiving dinner and the centerpiece of the meal, the glorious turkey. This is probably the 4th year that I'll be making the turkey for my family and, to experiment, I'm contemplating deep-frying it (since I need to make this feast even more fattening). I have heard that deep-fried turkey results in a more moist bird (since it cooks MUCH more quickly) and an extra crispy skin. While dunking a 15- to 20-lb bird into a huge vat of scorching oil gives me some pause, it also sounds kind of thrilling, esp. if it renders the most sublime turkey OF ALL TIME.

So...I'd like to hear from you hounds out there who have either done this at home or have benefitted from someone else's labor of love. Is it easy to do? Is it worth it in deliciousness points? What resources did you use? And, in case I "chicken" out or have a frying fiasco, is there a place near San Jose where one can purchase the deep-fried delight?

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