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Dedicated to a drink you love?


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Dedicated to a drink you love?

zora | Feb 17, 2003 10:09 PM

The poster below, who started the martini thread, got me thinking about this. He indicates that he'd always ordered "double Tanqueray and tonic" for years, and switched recently to Tanqueray martinis. If you've been drinking the same cocktail for years, to make any kind of change like that must feel like a major life-event. When I was a cocktail waitress, eons ago, I noticed that a lot of people had "their drink"-- whether it was "Dewar's on the rocks with a twist" or "scotch and milk" or "Remy in a pony with a water back" they always had the same drink when they came in. Myself-- I'd find that boring. I have different drinks for different moods or occasions. Martini, margarita, mojito, dark and stormy, manhattan, perfect manhattan up or on-the-rocks, Woodford bourbon or Sazerac rye - neat or on-the-rocks, kir royale, cosmopolitan, anejo tequila, icy cold potato vodka with a twist, cognac, armagnac or poire. I don't care for cream-based sweet drinks or Scotch, and I'd often just as soon open a bottle of wine as have a cocktail. I do have preferences as far as brands of liquor go, but drinking the same thing all the time seems to me to be like eating the same meal all the time. I'm curious how other 'hounds feel about this-- does adventurous eating correlate with seeking variety in alcoholic libations? or by being dedicated to a drink does it mean one is committed to excellence? If you do have a cocktail you consider "My Drink"-- why, and why that one in particular?

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