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Where are the decent new liquor stores?

The Loaf | Jun 21, 201210:55 AM

Hi. I recently went to buy a bottle of Creme de Cassis for a new cocktail I want to try at the old/new liquor store, but found they didn't stock it. Neither did the nearby grocery store. The 2 larger state stores I used to frequent (on 4th in SODO and on 7th downtown) are now closed. Where can one find a decent selection of liquor, liqueurs, etc. these days?

I don't want this to turn into a discussion of the change in laws, or a bunch of posts bemoaning or praising the recent privatization of the stores, I'm just hoping to get a sense of where the best places are for selection and price. I understand things are still shaking out and we won't really get a full picture of our new situation, but in the meantime I would like to hear about what you've discovered.


EDIT: Forget this. I just found the other thread on this topic, and I don't know how/if it's possible to delete a thread. I guess we're all curious.

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