Does anybody make a half-decent ice cube tray?


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Does anybody make a half-decent ice cube tray?

The Loaf | Jan 14, 2005 01:53 PM

I don't have an ice maker in the freezer, so here's something that I use all the time and which, with every use, think to myself: Why is it so effing hard to make a tray which either doesn't crack after a few months (plastic), or crush the ice (the old aluminum ones) into thousands of tiny shards?

I've tried the rubber trays from IKEA, but found them floppy and unweildy. Also, I have no need for star-shaped ice... I've seen a new Good Grips tray, but the feedback about it on Amazon is lukewarm.

I just need a couple good, long lasting, simply trays that don't cost something ridiculous. I mean we're just talking about a piece of plastic right?

Attention product designers. This has potential, I think, unless someone in ChowLand has a current suggestion. Thanks.

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