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Dear Former Silit Owner:

Ninevah | Sep 12, 201106:19 PM

Dear Former Silit Owner:
Thank you. I am going to enjoy the 5qt stainless Silit pot you gave up on so easily. Yeah, the stuff inside was gross and spoke of misuse and neglect, but Barkeeper's Friend and I took care of it in ten minutes. It was a bit of work, but it's nearly like brand new. If it weren't for people like you, I would never be able to afford the cool cookware I have. I love you to pieces. Do you happen to still have the lid? ;)

PS....Goodwill: Thanks for not recognizing some of the cooler stuff that comes through your store. I'm sure this pot would have cost me a hellovalot more than $4.99 if you had known what it was.



Oh, and Silit. . . . I looked at your prices online. . . you outta be ashamed of yourself. It's a nice pan, but jeez....

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