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day 2: granville island day. banana leaf or seri malaysia or... ?

doughnut | Jun 4, 201009:26 PM     14

day two, granville day

we will DEF visit the sake maker. my hubby likes sake and that will certainly be a treat. thank you grey elf and moyenchow for the heads up.

dinner is still up in the air. i would love to visit peaceful but i think maybe we might try risking that when my hubby and i visit on our own.

am now considering taking the family either to banana leaf or to seri malaysia.

we are staying right next to the banana leaf on denman, so that has that going for it. but seri malaysia sounds like fun, even if there is no ambiance, plus its cheaper, which bil would probably like.

what do you all think? is it a toss up, or are the boards overwhelmingly in favor of one or the other? (oh and i _just_ tried calling seri malaysia for hours. machine picked up. bah. do you think they are open until 8 or 9 pm on weeknights? this is a friday night dinner.)

or maybe you have a better recommendation?

conditions: it shouldnt be expensive (but it doesnt have to be cheap) and it should be relatively near granville or near stanley park. should satisfy party of 4 adults, one grandma and one 7 yo.

indian food is out. korean is out. thank goodness chinese and japanese foods are okay. other foods we are possibly open to but i dont want to alienate the party either.

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