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Dakota Organic Beef - strange flavor?


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Dakota Organic Beef - strange flavor?

christine dibona | Sep 18, 2005 04:07 PM

So, a couple of days ago I bought a 2.5 chunk of Dakota chuck from Whole Foods. It was my first time trying this producer (co-op?); I usually get Prather Ranch or Niman beef.

Most of the beef I salted overnight then ground for burgers. The fat seemed softer than what I usually have, leaving a smear inside the grinder even though I ground it straight out of the fridge. A few bites of the raw ground meat had a sweet, funky flavor I couldn't really identify until later. The burgers seemed OK, not particularly lush, though there was a pretty high percentage of fat in the mix. Main remarks were that the beef seemed sweet.

Two days later, I took the piece I had left and cut it into thin steaks to pan fry for breakfast. Only kosher salt for seasoning, but cooked like this that funky flavor REALLY stood out, especially in the fat. To me it was like the first whiff you get roasting shrimp or lobster shells. So, what is this weird flavor - iodine??? And did I just get a strange piece (since they seem to have numerous producers) or is it a product of the feed practices? ( In this link they talk about feeding them flax seed cakes --

Anybody else try this beef, and have any comments or suggestions?

I'm pretty disappointed - I am having trouble finding organic beef I like locally and had high hopes for this.

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