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Dagwood: Living a Chowhound's Nightmare

toodie jane | Apr 25, 200807:40 AM

Had a good chuckle this a.m. from the comics page in the daily fishwrap.

Dean Young and John Marshall's "Blondie" strip features Dagwood at his office desk, woefully staring at his computer screen.

A colleague approaches and asks, " What's wrong, Dag?" the reply: "Dithers installed a 'website filter' on my computer."

Colleauge: "A lot of businesses do that now to block innapproporiate websites."

Dag, turning to colleague with look of pain on his face: "I know, but the filter he put on MINE blocks out all the food sites!!"

Made me wonder how much daytime traffic Chowhound would lose if all hounds faced such a situation.

Boy, that guy loves food! Must be a large part of the popular appeal of the strip over the generations. Almost everyone can identify with a chowhound who believes a sandwich isn't complete without a couple of sardines hanging out.

Funny thing though, we never see him in the kitchen, except to make his fabeled sandwiches....

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