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Who cut the Chinese noodles?


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Who cut the Chinese noodles?

howard-2 | Oct 23, 2004 01:30 PM

OK, I know from a question I posed here a while ago that in Chinese culture, it's considered bad luck to cut noodles in a dish.

I had asked because I had the impression that in noodle dishes I ordered in Chinese restaurants, the noodles had in fact been cut. But earlier today I was eating some Singapore rice noodles that I got in a Chinese take-out restaurant, and I decided to scrutinize them before eating them this time, and they had definitely been cut. I know that when I make any kind of noodle dish, the noodles are usually very long, which means that the distribution of "stuff" in the noodles (shrimp, vegetables, etc) is not as uniform as I'd like, and as I usually find in an Asian restaurant.

So what gives here? Is it possible that noodles are cut as a convenience when Caucasians order them?

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